Computers use Wireless Electricity

Computers use Wireless Electricity

Thin client solutions have become the standard solution for a company that wants to save the cost of using a PC. And there are many vendors offering these solutions.

However, this time Hewlett Packard (HP) introduced a thin client solution that is completely different.

HP introduces thin client solution that does not require the use of the power cord (power) at all.

The product is the HP T410 All in One which consists of a 18.5-inch monitor in which there are board computing unit (zero client unit).
Computers use Wireless Electricity
Computers use Wireless Electricity (

So where computer users get the power source?
Now, we don’t normally cover this sort of networking equipment, but we were quite impressed by HP’s new t410 All-in-One Smart Zero Client. HP T410 which is currently used only 13 watts of power needs – including for LCD monitor – got the power source of the Ethernet cable (network cable).

Computers use Wireless Electricity
So here other than the network cable to connect a computer handy with a computer user’s host, is also useful to supply electricity.

Thin client solution that uses technology called “one wire” is claimed to be more power efficient and easier installation because there is much need for wires.

HP worked with 3M to deliver a very low-power monitor on thin client solutions in the HP T410.

“In addition to efficient use of electricity, this monitor also supports multiple protocols and can be programmed remotely,” said John Solomon, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Printing and Personal Systems, when HP introduced the T410 in the arena of “Global Influencer Summit” held Expo Center in Shanghai, China.

In addition to supplying power to the monitor, ethernet cable that is used in the HP T410 also supplies electricity to the ARM processor found in the zero client unit.

Thin client itself is a technology that lets users operate a computer without the need for a PC on his desk, so it’s no monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Computers use Wireless Electricity.

The whole process of computing at the user side is handled entirely by the host computer / server.

Computers use Wireless Electricity

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