Facebook File Sharing Features

Facebook File Sharing Features
Social networking site Facebook will provide file sharing features. This feature allows a person who joined in a group to share the file to your fellow members and to other groups.

Users can upload files up to 25MB capacity. You can upload files include the type of document, video, e-books and comics.
Facebook File Sharing Features
Facebook File Sharing Features (skuggen)

Facebook prohibits the upload file format of music and applications. EXE to keep the copyright and security.

Facebook spokesman said in a statement confirming the truth of the file sharing features of this Facebook group. However, there is no clarity about how many files can be shared, and how much storage space capacity of the data obtained from each group.

When there is a copyrighted file is distributed in the group, the user can report the file to Facebook.

Not only copyrighted files, users can also report that file could interfere with the security of internet or were deemed inappropriate as pornographic content.

Facebook File Sharing Feature
Features of this kind already existed in the account for School Groups (Group for Schools), in which pupils or students can share the files were deemed important to know other friends.

“The first time we introduced a feature to share this file in a few months ago for School Groups. We will expand these file sharing services,” said a spokeswoman for Facebook.

This feature makes up similar to an online storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and so on.

Compete directly with Google Drive, SkyDrive, iCloud and Dropbox as they are now launching a separate file sharing service for groups, Facebook Social networking site now enters a new market. The new service does not include all the benefits that we know from similar services, but Facebook says that it is “good enough” for most of the users needs, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook File Sharing Features

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

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