Facebook Comments system Controversy

Facebook Comments system Controversy
Facebook implemented a system that prevents spam on the comments made users. However, it was so controversial because it captures the actual comments are not valid or spam.

As reported by TechCrunch site, some Facebook users reported he had been a “victim” system.

When about to submit a comment, which is normal and is a healthy discussion, the user is getting a warning from Facebook.
Facebook Comments system Controversy
Facebook Comments system Controversy(flickr)

The problem is, the sentence in the warning box that uses the words “not relevant” and “inappropriate”. This implies the existence of objections to the sentence given Facebook user.

And the closing sentence was a warning that asks the user to “contribute positively” to his comments feature is not blocked.

Coleen Taylor of TechCrunch said, what is considered “positive” and “negative” can vary depending on the user culture. In fact, Facebook users are spread from the United States, Indonesia to the rest of the world – each with different standards.

Facebook itself says that there is a system of automated systems based on software algorithms. In addition, the system is in Facebook also considers reports from users.

“The system is very effective, so users will never receive spam. Indeed, there are still some negative comments that are not blocked, but we will fix the system,” said a spokesman for Facebook. Facebook Comments system Controversy


Last Updated on November 14, 2023

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