Facebook Video Chat Now

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg formally notified to the public. Facebook users now can do video chat on social networking site.

As expected, the features of Facebook is the result of cooperation with the Internet phone service Skype. Facebook has also redesigned the chat feature for easy video chat.
Facebook Video Chat Now
Facebook Video Chat Now (detik)

Facebook Video Chat Now

To do video chat, Facebook users are computer equipped with a webcam chat to choose your friends. In the chat window that appears, click the small video icon in the toolbar blue to get into video chat feature.

Reported by Information Week on Thursday (07/07/2011), for is not currently available option to do video chat with more than one person. If you want to compare with Google +, introduced new social networking Google, this feature is already available.

But Facebook has added group chat options. How it works almost the same as group chat in Google Plus. Later the user can just click the icon to add the number of people who took part in the conversation.

Because they are new launch, not all users can use this feature. Video chat feature will be released in stages to be available to users globally.

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