Twitter Hacked, 55,000 Accounts Posted

Twitter suggested users to change passwords, after the action of thousands of Twitter accounts are opened by an unknown hacker, Tuesday (08/05/2012).

There are 58.978 accounts Which was his username and password being posted to a website to share programming code
Twitter Hacked, 55,000 Accounts Posted
Twitter Hacked, 55,000 Accounts Posted (

“We appeal to the users whose accounts leaked in order to reset the password,” said a spokeswoman for Twitter Robert Weeks told technology website CNet.

“For those who worry about his account a victim, you should change the password and the information can furthermore be seen in our Help Center,” he added.

Currently, the Twitter still investigating how the breaker (hacker) can penetrate the security of Twitter, and get tens of thousands of micro-blogging site’s account.

In the initial investigation found 20 thousand Twitter username and password of which are duplicated or spammers who account has been disabled. In addition, there is also a username and password are not related to each other to do the log-in.

The hacking news aggregator reported the supposed breach on Tuesday, beginning to fuel speculation around the web of a massive successful attack on Twitter’s servers.

Airdemon said celebrity accounts were among those compromised, and also claimed to have information from a “Twitter insider” confirming the attack.

An anonymous Pastebin user posted five extremely long pages of alleged Twitter usernames and passwords to the text storage site on Monday. (Here are pages one, two, three, four and five.). Twitter Hacked, 55,000 Accounts Posted.

Twitter has yet asked the Pastebin to remove the list of usernames and passwords. Until this news was broadcast, the list is divided into 5 pages is still there.

Twitter:change password
Twitter Hacked, 55,000 Accounts Posted

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