Tips for Choosing a Tablet

Tips for Choosing a Tablet
Buying a tablet is not too complicated in the months ago when there is a new iPad in the market. When the tablets Android like Galaxy came with the Android operating system OS 2.2, the tablet is not considered a competitor iPad.
Tips for Choosing a Tablet
Tips for Choosing a Tablet (kompas)

Tips for Choosing a Tablet

However, when the operating system Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) was developed in the tablet, then emerged tablet Playbook with RIM’s BlackBerry operating system and HP tablet with WebOS operating system, tablet competition even more festive.

Now, with the number of tablets on the market today, how do you choose and decide?

Tablet instead of a laptop replacement
Tablets made not to replace the laptop. Tablet is very fitting used for surfing the internet, replying to e-mail, or perform simple tasks. However, he is not replacing the laptop, including a Windows-based such as Fujitsu stylistic Q550.

In fact, if your tablet has a USB port, not the drivers causing a limited selection of peripherals that are not compatible.

Keyboards, flash drives, or the mouse is okay. However, the tablets may not work with HSDPA or DVD writer. If you intend to travel, bring a laptop or netbook.

Select the appropriate screen size
The device is the smallest of the tablet category with 5-inch Dell Streak. In addition, you can choose a 7 inch 8.9 inch, 9.7 inch, up to 10.1 inches. Compromise between portability and screen size is an individual choice.

Tablet 5 inches: Dell Streak.
7-inch Tablet: Samsung Galaxy, HTC Flyer, Dell Streak 7 Asus Eee Memo Pad, and BlackBerry Playbook.
8.9-inch Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and LG Optimus Pad.
9.7-inch Tablet: iPad, iPad2, and HP Touch Pad.
10.1-inch Tablet: Samsung 10.1, Transformer Pad Asus Eee, Acer Iconia Tab A500. Asus Eee Pad Slider, Motorola Xoom, and Toshiba U.S. 100.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of the platform
Matching the right operating system for users is like looking for a mate. Everyone has different ideas about what an elegant and beautiful. To find out more, check this article to learn to do every platform. But remember, unlike a Windows laptop that lets you change the version-version, the tablet OS, you only have one choice of devices.

In fact, if your tablet is run with the Android operating system 2.2, then you do not have a chance to update to the Android 3.0, if the manufacturer does not release that version to your device.

At this point, you can already guess that if the choice of platform is iPad tablet with IOS, HP tablet with WebOS, or tablet with Playbook RIM BlackBerry operating system, then you only have one choice of devices.

But if you choose Android, you still have one more step.

Choose the right design and features
Since Android becomes open-source, producers have few opportunities to create designs and different features to distinguish their tablets.

Some features of which have microSD slot, USB port full-sized, and Cro-HDMI output. So far, only Asus is working extra screen to enter a free 3D glasses at the Eee Pad and Memo Pad offers a keyboardist with Eee Eee Transformer Pad and Slider. Tips for Choosing a Tablet.

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Last Updated on November 14, 2023

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