Samsung and Apple Emoticon in Patent War

Samsung and Apple Emoticon in Patent War

Patent war

Patent war between Samsung and Apple warming up again. This time around, Samsung Electronics prosecuted Apple in a legal court of Germany. The suit claims associated with four additional patents which violated the Apple.
Samsung and Apple Emoticon in Patent War
Samsung and Apple Emoticon in Patent War (detik)

Samsung and Apple Emoticon in Patent War

As cited from Info World, Samsung has filed a petition on Friday (16/12/2011) within the District Court of Mannheim, Germany. Choices is going to be launched early the coming year. Two patents that Samsung stated is related telecommunications standards, and also the other two associated with the utility or using mobile products.

Based on the claim from Samsung, it’s satisfied the obligation to join up the license in compliance using the existing telecommunications standards. However, it works out Apple by any unauthorized utilization of Samsung’s patents, associated with its mobile products.

Florian Mueller, a patent expert, describes that certain from the infringed patent is on how to how you can place an emoticon right into a message on the telephone. Associated with this, the courts and Apple rejected to comment further.

A week ago, the Mannheim District Court ruled that Apple’s apple iphone and iPad infringed Motorola patents. His mistake, a legal court made the decision to prevent selling Apple in Germany.


Samsung Electronics four patents

Patent dispute between Samsung and Apple appeared endless. This time around Samsung Electronics added four patents against Apple prosecuted in German courts.

Meanwhile, South Korean companies continue to be battling to keep three other patent which claims Samsung has infringed Apple.

Reported by MacWorld and was cited on Monday (12/19/2011), which two patents associated with telecommunications standards. While two other patents relevant towards the usability of mobile products.

Samsung didn’t give more particulars around the four patents. However, Samsung claims it’s developed the sun’s energy and methods for a tool and network efficient and reliable.

In line with the explanation from the patent expert Florian Mueller, among four patents associated with the way the emoticon ‘smile’ is placed in to the phone.

“While Samsung has always fulfill its obligations in certification and patents associated with telecommunications, Apple make use of it with no license violated the intellectual property of Samsung,” Samsung complained.

As everyone knows, Apple and Samsung prosecuted one another in many nations. Apple accused Samsung tracing the iPad and apple iphone within the Universe products in line with the Android Operating System.

However, Apple continues to be more win the situation against Samsung. One of these, Apple handled to bar the purchase of Universe Tab in Germany. Within the Netherlands, a legal court purchased the Samsung modify numerous its smartphone that your breach of Apple’s patents.

The most recent dispute over patent privileges in Australia, the Samsung ought to be permitted any longer to market Universe Tab 10.1 there. But Apple then become a huge hit to some greater court to ensure that the sales of Universe Tab 10.1 kangaroo country would need to wait again. Samsung and Apple Emoticon in Patent War.

Samsung hauls Apple into court over emoticon patent

Samsung has opened up a brand new offensive in the ongoing patent dispute with smartphone arch-rival Apple.

Fresh claims, filed in Germany, charge Apple with breaking a set of patents relevant towards the implementation from the WCDMA 3rd generation telecom standard and the other two patents relevant to smartphone utilities, one of these requires the display of emoticons.

“(Samsung) made four more claims two are standard-related patents and also the other two are utility patents. Along with a court stated it might make these claims outside of the April suit,” a Samsung spokesperson told Reuters.

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Samsung and Apple Emoticon
Samsung and Apple Emoticon in Patent War

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