Nano-Structured Glass for Computer Memory of the Future

Nano-Structured Glass for Computer Memory of the Future
Instead of plastic-based chips, laptop computer memory for future years may be nano-structured glass created by researchers within the College of Southampton.
Nano-Structured Glass for Computer Memory of the Future
Nano-Structured Glass for Computer Memory of the Future(illustrated) (canopera)

Nano-Structured Glass for Computer Memory of the Future

The researchers mentioned the chance new memory, that provides to become cheaper, may also have possible programs in optical manipulation additionally to medical imaging.

“The advantage of this process over existing approaches for microscopy could it be is 20 occasions cheaper that is compact,” the school mentioned in the news release on its website.

In paper entitled “Radially polarized optical vortex ripping tools created by femtosecond laser nanostructuring of glass launched in Applied Physics Letters,” a team introduced by Professor Peter Kazansky within the University’s Optoelectronics Research Center known to how they used nano-structures to develop new monolithic glass space-variant polarization converters.

Such small items affect the way light travels through glass, creating “whirlpools” of sunshine that could then be read very much the same as data in optical materials.

“This enables more precise laser material processing, optical manipulation of atom-sized objects, ultra-high definition imaging and potentially, table-top particle accelerators. Information might be written, easily easily wiped and rewritten into the molecular structure in the glass employing a laser,” the school mentioned.

‘3D pixels

Also, the researchers mentioned that at sufficient extremes, ultra-short laser pulses might be accustomed to imprint small dots (like 3d pixels) referred to as “voxels” in glass.

Stating their previous research, they mentioned lasers with fixed polarization produce voxels made up of the periodic arrangement of ultra-thin (100s of nanometers) planes.

“By passing polarized light through this kind of voxel imprinted in silica glass, the researchers observed it travels in different ways regarding the polarization orientation in the light. This ‘form birefringence’ phenomenon might be the building blocks of the new polarization ripping tools,Inch the school mentioned.

Kazansky mentioned that before, they have to take advantage of the spatial light modulator based on liquid very – which cost about £20,000 (P1.403 million). Nano-Structured Glass.

“Instead we’ve just put a little device into the optical beam which we have exactly the same result,” he mentioned.

5-dimensional optical recording

After posting the paper last May, the researchers have enhanced concerning the technology further and modified it for just about any five-dimensional optical recording.

The researchers works while using Lithuanian company Altechna presenting fraxel remedies for the market. The job was carried out the framework of EU project Femtoprint.

“We have enhanced the conventional and fabrication a while and we’ve developed this five-dimensional memory, meaning data might be saved concerning the glass and last forever. Nobody has ever transported this out before,” mentioned Martynas Beresna, lead investigator for your project.

Nano-Structured Glass for Computer Memory of the Future

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

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