Google+ Social Network

Most users who have tested the beta version of Google + gives a positive response. However, analysts believe many improvements, especially related to privacy issues must be resolved before social networking Google is officially launched.
Google+ Social Network
Google+ Social Network (google)

Google+ Social Network

Reflecting the experience of Facebook, social networking will intersect with a lot of privacy issues. And if Google fails to handle it, then this could be a barrier for him to rival Facebook.

“Google+ is intended to beat up facebook, especially in the privacy feature, has some ‘gaps’ or vulnerabilities that must be addressed,” wrote Juan Carlos in Computer World, quoted on Thursday (07/07/2011).

He gave an example, one of her privacy vulnerabilities found around the blocking mechanism friends. For example, after the user block someone, all posts of people who is blocked are still appear on the user’s activity stream.

After blocking someone, users remain in the ‘Circles’ of people blocked, and vice versa. But Google promises, will fix all vulnerabilities. That is why, Google invited a limited number of users to be able to provide input. “We worked hard to develop this experience,” Google said.

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Last Updated on November 14, 2023

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